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BeerAnyone.com, LLC
Terms of Service (TOS) / Code of Conduct

Paid Services

“Event Holder(s)”, “Brewer(s)”, “Brewery(ies)”, “Event Planer(s)”, “Affiliate Partner(s)”, “Advertiser(s)”, “Ambassador(s)” of the aforementioned or otherwise “Paying Members” of BeerAnyone.com (BeerAnyone.com, LLC) are solely responsible for the legitimate efficacy of advertisements, events, products, and claims listed, posted, published, etc. on BeerAnyone.com.

BeerAnyone.com, LLC will not be held responsible for any misinformation or illegitimate claims made by it’s “Paying Members” that may or may not lead to litigation. BeerAnyone.com, LLC operates under a strict rule of integrity and legitimacy. Should any of it’s “Paying Members” be found violating the included terms of service, appropriate or strategic action will be taken to resolve the issue in a timely manor.

Ticket Sales

BeerAnyone.com, LLC will deposit ticket sales minus any applicable fees within 7 business days of the 1st or 15th of each month. The transfer process will begin at 12am UTC, the day after your event has happened. (For example: Your event ends the 24th of the month. Your sales will be deposited within 7 days of the first of the next month).

Bank account MUST be an US bank account.


Refunds for tickets, events, products, and promotions sponsored by “Paying Members” are the sole responsibility of the organization, individual, or contractor including person(s) and companies hosting/promoting, but not limited to the event, promotion or product.

BeerAnyone.com, LLC (“BeerAnyone.com”) simply provides a platform for “Paying Members” to reach an intended audience who may or may not be interested in their product(s), event(s), or advertisement(s). BeerAnyone.com remains and will remain removed from any interactions during or after the fact between said “Paying Members” and users of BeerAnyone.com. BeerAnyone.com, LLC will not be a mediator between “Paying Member(s)” and user(s) disputes.

Note to Users/Members of BeerAnyone.com: If you feel any of the above mention has been violated or misrepresented by a “Paying Member”, please contact the “Event Holder(s)”, “Brewer(s)”, “Brewery(ies)”, “Event Planer(s)”, “Affiliate Partner(s)”, “Advertiser(s)”, or otherwise “Ambassador(s)” of the product or service to resolve the issue.

Furthermore If additional action is deemed necessary, such as widespread notice of misuse on BeerAnyon.com by any of it’s “Paying Members”, please contact us for review.


BeerAnyone.com, LLC reserves the right to take appropriate action regarding user-generated content which may be paid or otherwise freely submitted. This might include, but may not be limited to removal of content, termination of events & ticket sales, suspension of user or “Paying Member” accounts, and even banning users/members.

Limitations of Liability

BeerAnyone.com, LLC and any of it’s “Active Partners”, “Owners”, “Employees”, “Investors” and “Paid Contractors” are not responsible for user submitted (user-generated) content. Content submitted to BeerAnyone.com or it’s affiliated products by “Nonaffiliated” or “Nonactive Agents” of BeerAnyone.com, LLC is the express view of the author and not promoted by BeerAnyone.com, LLC.

BeerAnyone.com, LLC does not tolerate illegal, unethical, racist or hateful speech and/or inappropriate actions related to content submitted by users on the BeerAnyone.com platform, nor does it promote intent to harm or the revelation of personal information regarding it’s “Users”, “Members”, “Friends”, etc. If a violation of our TOS is deemed actionable then appropriate legal or strategic mitigation may/will ensue.