Great American Restaurants, Sweetwater Centreville

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Reviews for Great American Restaurants, Sweetwater Centreville

Robert Wright

Took my beautiful wife to dinner and a movie last saturday. The dinner was at this establishment. My wife had a Steak and I had Rockfish. The food was blissfully amazing. I mean the flavor was unbelievable. In fact, I am hungry again just thinking about it.

Our waitress was great and very attentive.

I will be back next weekend with friends.

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Dave Sullivan

Pretty good place but needs help with kids (if they want families to come) service was basically nonexistant but food made up for it.

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Deborah Barron Brown

I have eaten here since it opened at least 19 yrs ago. The quality has never waivered. My favorite is the drunken ribeye and worth every penny. I like all the salads, soups, and appetizer. The flourless chocolate waffle is the best dessert ever invented. In the summer you have to hang out at the outdoor bar. When my "out of town" family visit they expect a dinner at Sweetwater. A real favorite of ours.

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Valar Morghulis

I'm giving the restaurant the benefit of the doubt due to the fact you will probably get a better waiter/waitress than we did. Couldn't hear her speak, extremely slow service for our initial drinks. Even tended to a table prior to us even though we were seated way before the other party. The food was phenomenal. Ordered the filet and the girl ordered slamon. Both succulent and hot. The waitress just needed to tend to us better. Still left a 20% tip.

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Matthew Wallace

Cozy, but roomy. Great portions and options. A really nice place to take your family or group of friends.

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Jay Moon

I went to this restaurant with my wife on our anniversary. Food were good. Not loud. Good interior. Friendly waitresses and waiters. I recommend this place.

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