Sprecher Fire Brewed Hard Root Beer

Where It's Brewed:

Sprecher Brewing Co | Wisconsin , United States

Beer Style & Info:

Herbed / Spiced Beer| ABV: 5% | Cal: ~150

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Food Pairings: Hot Dogs, Burgers, Chicken Fingers, Pizza, Ice Cream, Gummy Worms.

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Beer Review

Review Author: Virginia Periss

This is not some child's root beer, although it's dangerously close to being exactly that. If you're looking for an adult style fountain pop that will get you buzzed and satisfy your craving for sweetness then this might be the beer for you. It's taste reminiscent of a malty adult fountain soda, is meant to be a sort of sweet soda-like novelty beer.

Sprecher's Hard Root Beer can hardily be rated among actual beers, it should be given in some blind Pepsi-Coke taste test. It pours an almost a ruby red color and nice fluffy white head. It smells and tastes exactly like root beer. It hard to detect any beer flavor, you could easily be fooled into thinking that you were drinking a flat non-alcoholic root beer.

It tastes just like hard root beer candies that have been melted down and poured into a in a glass. It's basically a root beer pretending to be a beer, but doing a really bad job at it. This is the perfect beer to add some ice cream to and have a good old-fashioned root beer float.

Source: brewer's website

Beer Description from Brewery

Not your grandaddy's root beer. Or is it? An adult version of our famous Root Beer with a kick, sure to please the bootlegger in you!

Sprecher Fire Brewed Hard Root Beer by Sprecher Brewing Co
Sprecher Fire Brewed Hard Root Beer by Sprecher Brewing Co
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