Scarecrow Ale

Where It's Brewed:

Wychwood Brewery | United Kingdom

Beer Style & Info:

English Pale Ale| ABV: 4.7% | Cal: ~141

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Review Author: Doug Fairall

Following the trend of other Wychwood Brewery beers, Scarecrow is adorned on the label with the aforementioned scarecrow atop scrollwork touting the specifics about this beer: size, abv, name, etc. It's contained in the familiar 500ml bottles that this brewery distributes its beer in. Nothing too fancy. To begin, Scarecrow pours yellow. Yep, just yellow. It's such a strangely matter-of-fact hue too. As for the aroma, there isn't much going on here. One can detect a minimal amount of sour or wet grain, but that's about it. It's odd to find a beer with practically no aroma. Flavor-wise it's a different story. Woody hops mix with bready malts to create an appetizing middle, while it ends fairly dry with a light bitterness to it.

Scarecrow Ale by Wychwood Brewery
Scarecrow Ale by Wychwood Brewery
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