Petrus Aged Red

Where It's Brewed:

De Brabandere | Belgium

Beer Style & Info:

Flanders Oud Bruin| ABV: 8.5% | Cal: ~255

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Beer Review

Review Author: Doug Fairall

De Brabandere continues its method of blending beers to produce this Aged Red, which is a mix of their Double Brown Ale and 15% Petrus Aged Pale. The beer pours a dark cherry red with minimal head. Aromas are redolent of dark cherries, and strongly medicinal. As for the flavor, it is more of the same: A slight tartness, but an overwhelming medical quality to it. Unfortunately it's quite off putting, and makes it harder to appreciate the nuanced dark fruit notes that accompany. To finish it off, there's even an odd lingering diet soda-like ending. At least it is appropriately carbonated. Overall, it's not the most sour of beers, so it's approachable, but these strong medical cherry flavors give it an unbalanced structure. Honestly, I blame the plethora of cherry flavored medical syrups from my youth.

Petrus Aged Red by De Brabandere
Petrus Aged Red by De Brabandere
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