Petrus Aged Pale

Where It's Brewed:

De Brabandere | Belgium

Beer Style & Info:

Belgian Pale Ale| ABV: 7.3% | Cal: ~219

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Review Author: Doug Fairall

There are beers you sometimes skip over for no reason other than you think there's something better out there, so you pick that up instead. This beer was 'skip over' beer for years, as the thought of a 'simple' aged pale ale didn't whet my appetite. How wrong I was. Petrus Aged Pale pours a light hazy golden straw to light orange color with a minimal stark white head. Aromas are big on tart lemony fruit, noticeable from an arms length. Here is a beer that is Champagne in character is so many aspects. It hold great effervescence, with bubbles erupting across all side of the glass and out to the surface. Acidic vinegar, tart lemons and grape, and oaky tannins. A hint of vanilla is possible under all of that sweet and sour activity. This is great! A wonderful bubbly and sour beer.

Petrus Aged Pale by De Brabandere
Petrus Aged Pale by De Brabandere
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