Harp Lager

Where It's Brewed:

Guinness | Ireland

Beer Style & Info:

Euro Pale Lager| ABV: 5% | Cal: ~129

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Review Author: Doug Fairall

Harp has been in my personal repertoire for ages, as it was one in the realm of imported beers that was widely available before the craft beer boom came to my state. In the past few years, the Harp design has even changed, so it is no longer recognizable as the Harp from my college days. Now, silver and blue dominate the label, and the old fashioned paper-looking label featuring a harp is gone to the annals of history. It's clear that Harp is being marketed now towards the usual adjunct lager consumer. So what's Harp all about? It pours a light and crystal clear golden color what produces a bit of foam that quickly dissipates. The aroma is skunky and metallic, like any generic Continental Euro lager. Flavorwise, it's more of the same, with typically Heinekin-esque skunk, wet grain, and the weakest grassy hops. Something tells me this recipe has changed, as it's no longer the slightly malt forward beer that I remember. What was once a decent alternative to those 'green bottle' bucket beers, Harp has seemingly joined in head first.

Harp Lager by Guinness
Harp Lager by Guinness
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