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Home Brewing

The Joy of Home Beer Brewing…Or Why I Make My Own Beer

One day, sitting on the back porch sipping a store bought beer, the thought was formed that making beer would be a good hobby. So much in life is ordinary today – mass produced, mass marketed – and in the case of beer, mass brewed. Sometimes, it just doesn’t feel right settling for less in beer than beer and my taste buds deserve.

Seasonal Beers

American Winter holidays: Halloween, Christmas and Thanksgiving

The first day of October is a great day to be a beer lover. This is when you start breaking out the spiced beers, the darker stuff, the beers with a hint of roasted malt, the beers with a bit of a belly-warming kick. In the middle of summer, drinking anything heavier than a pale ale will bog you down, but in the winter, the heavier the better. Here are some of the best beers to complement America’s winter holidays.

Home Brewing

The Poor Man’s Brew Kit

Home brewing is often seen as an expensive hobby. It’s not. Some experienced home-brewers may spend hundreds of dollars a month exploring new flavors and brewing techniques, but in reality, a home brewer can get started for under a hundred bucks, so if you’ve always wanted to try home brewing but figured it was too pricey, you’ve got no excuse not to give it a go. Here’s what you’ll need to get started for cheap.

Home Brewing

An Introduction to Professional Homebrewing

Most people who get into professional micro-brewing do it because they see a niche in the market that they could fill with their particular brand of brew. Whether that’s a particular flavor that nobody’s tried before, a gluten-free alternative to a popular beer, or a really high quality, premium draft, the right beer can find a loyal audience that refuses to drink anything else.

Beer History

Spices Used in Beer Brewing

If you could go back thousands of years and drink beer, you might be surprised to discover that spices were used in beers. That tradition has continued without interruption and many of the same spices, like coriander, cumin and star anise are still used, in addition to quite a few more.

Beer 101

Aging Beer

Aging beer and beer cellaring are just two of the terms used to describe the process of storing beer after bottling to allow new flavors to develop.

Home Brewing

How to win friends and influence people... with beer

For anyone who’s spent any amount of time dealing in the business world, even if merely to register a patent or two, it’s clear that the principles that guide a general to victory in war are the same that guide a person to victory in business.

Beer 101

The Geography of Beer

When people talk about wine, they talk about the curve of the land, the culture, the soil, the water and other related factors. They tend to ignore these factors when it comes to beer. Yet, beer is as much a product of its geography as wine.

Beer 101

Beer Reviewing: Appearance

Reviewing a beer can be a daunting experience. A quick look around the internet tells you that many people have tried their hands at reviewing beers, but few seem to have anything truly substantial to say.

Beer 101

Starting with the Basics…What is Beer?

You see people with beer cans in their hand at BBQs, holding beer glasses filled with amber liquid in bars and restaurants, sipping dark drinks in brewpubs. The man at work is always talking about his “homebrew

Home Brewing

Building a Kegerator for Beer Storage and Drafting

So you have decided you want to build a kegerator! That’s good because it means you are brewing your own craft beer. Like any art form, you need a way to display it. In this case, a kegerator can play a dual purpose. It can store your beer keg or tanks and make it easy to dispense the beer.

Home Brewing

Five Tips to Keep Your Beer Bubbly

The bane of the homebrewer’s existence seems to be flat beer. How many times have you gone to a fellow brewer’s house to try out their new brew, only to find that it’s flatter than a glass of tap water by the time you get there? Keeping beer fizzy is easy when you have a multi-million dollar brewery to do the job, but the standard garage-kit makes it a little tricky. Here are five tips to get sudsier beer every time.